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Upon arrival to a Laborpont please take a Customer Card. Our coworkers will call you through your Card.


If your Customer Card is vibrating, our coworker is waiting for you at the reception, where you can discuss your examination.

Waiting area

Feel free to get comfortable in our waiting area until your Customer Card calls you into our sample collection rooms.

Waiting Area

You are free to drink a refreshing coffee while you wait for your test.

Children's Sample Collection Room

We designed our Sample Collection Rooms in multiple styles, so everyone can feel comfortable and at home in our institutions. Our children's room creates a fun and vibrant environment, where even the smallest ones can forget about their fear of syringes.

Nature Sample Collection Room

Our Nature room brings the enchanting beauty and closeness of a natural environment to our blood tests.

Mountains Sample Collection Room

The mountainous landscape and the gorgeous view of the Northern Lights creates a sense of calmness in any scenario.

Flamingo Sample Collection Room

The Flamingo room was designed first and foremost with our female customers in mind, giving the room a relaxing, happy vibe.

Kids' Corner

In our Kids' Corner children of all ages can find something fun to do while waiting for their examinations.

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