Laborpont Kft. is a 100% Hungarian establishment, which we created for the purpose of having blood testing locations in the most frequented places and with our social approach bring health care closer to people, all this carried out in a friendly environment with the most experienced medical staff.

Laborpont is more than a blood testing facility however, more than a health care center. Our goal, is to provide our patients with a friendly, painless environment, which helps them forget about the stress that can be caused by a blood draw.

Our vision

Laborpont aims to embed sharing and receiving punctual information regarding one’s health condition and body functions into everyday social norms, thereby preventing the possible formulation of sicknesses, and actively contributing to a wide-spread distribution of a health conscious and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Our mission

Laborpont aims to keep healthy people healthy, in addition assisting patients and guests in understanding the functions of their bodies and assisting in the unraveling of their illnesses. Due to Laborpont’s emphasis on the importance of preventive health culture, as well as its everyday operations, Laborpont forges a community of people with similar values regarding health.

How do we do all this?

  • completely automatized patient handling IT system

With the help of our custom developed medical IT system, named “Réche”, we can provide smooth patient care. We do all this completely paper free, since everyhing, inluding the patient admission and the necessary signatures is done fully digitally.

  • A patient calling system that complies with data protection rules

Our patient calling system greatly compliments our fast and fluent patient care. Known from select restauratns, with the help of the wireless calling device we can guide our patients from arrival to leaving. For this we have two options. Patients have the option of either taking a vibrating card, or scanning a QR code at the entrance, which will deliver notifications about when they are expected and which room to go to on their phone.


Our customer calling solution helps both our patients and our staff

  • The most modern medical devices

This device, which is rarely utilized in Hungary, is at the forefront of painless blood testing technology, and it gives tremendous help to our medical assistants. The vein scanner and its screening technology projects a clear picture of the patient’s vein network, making it easy to precisely find anyone’s veins, even the patients who previously experienced multiple punctures for a successful blood draw.


Vein finder for the goal of a painless procedure

  • determined and experienced medical and back office staff
  • more than 10 years of medical experience
  • friendly, but professional environment
  • frequented, easy to reach locations

What do we value?

  • people’s health, and the need to bring awareness to checking on one’s health
  • the environment, and the necessity to take all actions we can to reach complete sustainability

How are we different? Come to Laborpont, get to know us! We welcome you with love! 

until then, get to know us virtually too!

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