While choosing our locations, we put an emphasis on being easy to reach for anyone's commute. Our enteriors were designed in a way, that customers are able to release as much stress and fear that comes with blood testing as possible.

The frequented location and café-style enterior design gives the foundation to our locations. Our utmost priorty was creating a place, where patients arriving for a blood test enter into a friendly environment and feel at home, making it easy to forget the stress that they may experience with a blood test. In the social areas of our Laborponts, our patients are welcome to enjoy a complementary cup of water, coffee or tea, before or after the examination. (Except for tests that require an empty stomach)


Our processes

We are proud of our uniquely established processes, that all serve the goal, that our patient care will feel as fluent for our patients as it can be.

Medical Software

We created our own custom developed medical software based on more than ten years of experience in health care. We wanted to create a software, that helps both the ease of work of our coworkers, and provides the quickest and most punctual patient care possible. It also compliments our environmental perspective, since we operate comlpetely paper free. Our patients can fill out their personal details through a tablet, and are able to sign their datasheet and every necessary document fully electronically.

Patient calling solution

Our patient calling solution also focuses heavily on the fluency of patient care at Laborpont. Our patients are guided by the Weasy Soltuion from the moment they step into Laborpont, until they leave. Customers are welcome to choose between two options. The first is taking a vibrating customer calling device that directs us first to the reception, then to the testing rooms. The other option is scanning a QR Code, which, with a combination of a constantly updating website and personalized messages to your inbox, guides us through the process.

Website and Online Orders

We built our website for customers to have easy and immediate access to interesting and educating content about their health in the future.

Customers will soon have the comfort of ordering and booking a timeslot completetly online. We want to make the process of booking an appointment as easy as it can be for the customer, that is why we offer online payments with a debit or credit card for our customers.


Medical devices

Our Laborponts are equipped with state of the art, modern medical devices and equipment.

Vein Finder

This device, which is rarely utilized in Hungary, is at the forefront of painless blood testing technology, and it gives tremendous help to our medical assistants. The vein scanner and its screening technology projects a clear picture of the patient’s vein network, making it easy to precisely find anyone’s veins, even the patients who previously experienced multiple punctures for a successful blood draw.

Treatment bed

Our treatment beds, built with the latest technology, are equipped in every single Laborpont sampling room. This grants maximum comfort for our patients, as well as helping our assistants in carrying out the most professional and painless procedure. The beds were made in Italy, and grant adjustable headrest, leg rests, armrests and even back rest for maximum comfort during your blood draw.



Orvosi konzultáció
We don't like to leave patients on their own after the procedure, in case of any problems we direct them to a specialist or a personal treatment based on their blood results.

We provide our patients after their results come back with a consultation with an internist specialist. In case any problems are visible based on the blood test results, we guide them to our partners for the applicable doctor or the necessary treatment. Our medical partner is the market leading medical supplier in both Hungary and Europe, Affidea Hungary. Affidea provides professional imaging diagnostics and outpatient services in Budapest and in multiple locations across the country. We handle the entire transfer prodcedure, our patients do not have to do anything but to go to the treatment that we arranged for them.


Family friendly

családbarát laborpont
We look forward to seeing families and children as well in our Laborponts.

Our Laborponts are family friendly blood testing facilities, we look forward to seeing children coming for testing too. Blood testing for the smallest are done by doctors who specialised in children’s blood draws, and have tremendous experience in making the experience as painless as possible.

Our facility in Allee shopping center is especially child oriented, if you are planning on coming with children, we recommend reserving a timeslot for Laborpont Allee. The young ones have a designated playing area and a vibrant and lovely children’s blood testing room that helps the procedure to go quick, playful, and we hope to make them forget as much of the stress and fear that could come with a procedure like this.

If needed, we are ready to anesthetize the area of the needle puncture. This can be arranged for both our child and adult patients.



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